Text (see french version excerpt) and photos published in Gros Gris n°1 (November 2015), together with an article on haitian carnival in 2015 written with M. Périvier, currently doing a PhD in anthropology.
In January 2016, one year after, second round of the presidential elections is postponed sine die. The opposition candidate refuses to take part to elections that were probably falsified, in front of the other candidate who comes from the current governing party. Carnival is again preparing together with extreme social and political tensions, and daily demonstrations.


IMG 5726
Tabou Band's kwachi player in the carnival parade on February 16th 2015.
IMG 5830
Fans of Tabou Band, which headquarters is at Christ-Roi area in Port-au-Prince. "Bandapye" like Tabou Band are typical haitian moving bands.
IMG 6257
Crowd view between two DJ trucks in the parade at night time. Stands — as well as trucks — are hand painted with the sponsors' visual identities : mobile phone companies, rhum, government administrations...
IMG 6053
Fans crowd on top of Carimi's truck, a very popular haitian konpa band. Carnival committee distributes trucks every year to major haitian bands.
IMG 6374
Crazy crowd while the musical trucks arrive. Music is heavy loud.
IMG 6480
Students of the art school (ENARTS) at the tribute parade for the February 17th's victims. During the night a singer was electrocuted by an electric cable on top of a truck while he was singing; the panicking crowd movement that followed killed many people.
IMG 6592
Tabou Band's brass playing for the tribute parade.
IMG 6462
National Palace brass band's sousaphone player at twilight after his performance in the tribute parade for the accident's victims.