Expo Kilomètres / Gros Gris #3

Gros Gris Kilomètres
Gros Gris Hélène Bléhaut Oussama Tabti
Gros Gris William Drummond Lorine Boudinet

Revue Gros Gris just launched its 3rd issue Postcard at the Kilomètres exhibition in Strasbourg (galerie No Smoking, from March 23rd to April 1st 2017). I was pleased to show there one of my pictures from the nepali portraits, published in the revue. There were also works from 

Hicham Amrani, Lorine Boudinet, Claire Boullé, Margot Canizzo, William
Drummond, Gaëtan Koch, Oussama Tabti, Arthur Vanhoey, Adèle Verlinden. Gros Gris revue is available in bookshops in Strasbourg (librairie Quai des Brumes, Musée d'Art Moderne...) and if you ask at revue.grosgris (at) gmail.com.
Photos © équipe de Gros Gris