Celles pour lesquelles

Affiche Digitale

I am very glad to be part of Elsa Naude's exhibition, Celles pour lesquelles je n'ai pas encore les mots (Those for whom I don't have the words yet), currently open in Strasbourg.
Powered by Elsa Naude, this project follows a body of works’ creation which redraws her intimate experience of feminine gender. This personal story activated by collective bonds explores emptiness and silences in our languages.
The exhibition is nourished by intersectional, queer feminist researches. Its polymorphic program gives a room amongst other things to the (res)source fanzine, thought and built like an intellectual liberation and self-defense tool.
Wished like a place for resource and transformation, this exhibition wants to offer a starting point for reflection and word, a place to share and wonder together.
Syndicat Potentiel, Strasbourg, from March 8th to April 6th. A lot of events during March -> full programmation online.
Accessible Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat from 3pm to 7pm (outside of events).
An exhibition from Elsa Naude, featuring Nina Ballay, Maïc Baxane, Hélène Bléhaut, Leïla Chaix, Valentine Cotte, Hélène Fromen, Alicia Gardès, Orlane Laage, Salomé Macquet & Marie-Yaé Suematsu + guests Collectif Modèle vivant·e, Tamos le Thermos, Panakeia Cuisine, Zoé Kiner-Wolff et Mica Meltoe.

Expo édition écriture dessin


Photo Livre Ebullitions
Livre Ouvert Sirine Carre

Ébullitions · 12 trajectories in physics, my new comic book, is now out !
It's a graphic report portraiting those who chose to dedicate their career to physics. On the field, directly in their labs, I could talk to the scientists, explore their rich CVs and research fields — I drunk a lot of coffee.
Thanks to CNRS Physique (French Scientific National Research Center for Physics) for their trust, to CNRS Éditions' team, and to everybody who made this documentary adventure possible !
112p, 12€, in your favourite independant bookshop.
It is also readable online on CNRS' website.

BD Illustration commande communication vulgarisation

Between the Jungle and pavillons, zines workshop & co

Mg 2116

So it's February already and this year starts very strong. Some news ! 

I had the chance to run a great workshop in December at ESAD Pyrénées in Pau, invited by Jean-Marc Saint-Paul. Doing non-fiction comics, print it in riso and make a zine out of it in 4 days were the challenges that a dynamic group of first-years plunged into. More pics on my instagram feed. Thanks to the whole school team, teachers and administrators, and to the students for the good vibes although sometimes restricted work conditions: we have to support public art schools, privatizing this sector facilitated by the constant budget cuts allows always more elitism in the art world, but you know, same as for regular schools and the hospital.

Em Photo1
© L'Amour Éditions

Entre Jungle et pavillons, it a series from William's story (name changed), multilingual volunteer in Calais, that I write and draw on the insta feed @experiences_militantes. From an original idea and invitation by Adèle Mesones, some comic artists do comics on stories of volunteering and militant engagement in order to understand why and how people do that. Stories are then published as risoprinted zines, available on l'Amour Éditions' online shop. Selling them allows to pay their authors and to propagate the stories outside of Instagram.

Em Photo6

More to come this year in terms of exciting collaborations which I will tell you about later.
Some key days to save the date:

Festival Central Vapeur and its micro-edition fair, on March 25th-26th.
Open studios in Strasbourg, on May 13th-14th and 20th-21th where I'll be opening my studio one last time before going towards new adventures.
- Petites Cités exhibition at the Festival Quai des Bulles in Saint-Malo, end of October.

See you soon :)

Illustration Expo ateliers ouverts édition

Open studio


Our open studio with Camille Drai took place on May 14th-15th /21st-22nd and it was a pleasure to meet you all so numerous !
This year I've been inviting photographer Alicia Gardès for a common exhibition of our works.
There were pencil color original drawings from my Fire series, adapted into a small three colors riso-printed book, Feu de poche (Pocket fire).

Thank you for your visit and you support !

Les Ateliers Ouverts is an associative initiative and event organized by Accélérateur de particules (thank you!).

Expo ateliers ouverts Illustration Photographie

Imprimerie Trace x Super Loto Editions 2022 Calendar

Img 2749

Thrilled to have been invited to create an illustration for Super Loto Edition 2022 calendar, printed by Imprimerie Trace. Limited series made with hands and sweat, typography and risography. Cover artwork: Jérôme Dubois.

With images from Ella Glogstoun, Pipocolor, François Fournier, Benjamin Ferré, Soia, Jeanne Guépratte, Léa Djeziri, Oudin Ojjo, Aurélien Cantou, Juliette Léveillé, Zelda Pressigout, Gérard Lefèvre.
You can find me at the June section ! Available now on their online shop. There are also a lot of brilliant, fun and well made printed stuff and books which would make excellent gifts to yourself or to others.

Thanks to the whole team Trace/Super Loto !
Photos ©Super Loto/Imprimerie Trace

B253711D 4F6D 14Cb Fd8E Ac5E58850A91
Illustration calendrier riso typographie

In Emmaüs' boxes

Entree Bureau Ali150Dpi

This summer I had the chance to sneak into Emmaüs Centre Alsace in Scherwiller.
Mickaël Roy, in charge of the cultural development, invited me to sketch what I saw, what I heard, what people told me. There was a lot of noise, sweat and dirt; people hailing, calling each other on, chaos, then on the evening: quiet.
The goals of a structure labelled "social and solidarity economy" and the realities of  people's experiences coexist in a large scale of nuances and challenges. Ten days are only enough for a glimpse of it, to be seen here on my portfolio.
Thanks for the rich encounters and discussions !

Illustration reportage graphique communication residence

Petites Cités Residency

Travaux Clean

April-May : six intense weeks of residency sketching six cute villages in Bretagne.
There were among many stuff: hot sun, long rainy windy days, funny sounds amongst boats, local bakery gossip, flowers for heroes, biking around, sleepless full-moon nights, dahl-strawberry taste in a greenhouse, scientific tools and hard-to-sketch masked people. I can't wait to show you more !

Works from this residency will be exhibited in 2022-2023 collectively with my 7 other fellow artists. Can't wait to come back to Bretagne at this occasion; stay tuned for what's next !

Thanks to Petites Cités de Caractère Bretagne and Comics Festival Quai des Bulles for this crazy trip. And special thanks to all the people met on the road who gave me time and opened their doors !

croquis Expo residence Illustration BD

One day, one piece

Helene Blehaut02
Photo © Christophe Urbain

Strasbourg City presents Bastion 14 residents through a series of portaits and interviews. I feel glad to have the chance to get a cheap-rent-studio there, that I share with set designer Camille Drai.

You will be able to meet the selected artists to the contemporary art fair St'art from March 12th to 14th 2021 in Strasbourg —unless it's corona-cancelled.
Thanks to Strasbourg Culture for their support and to photographer Christophe Urbain.

Photographie Expo

Best fires

Feu2 Voeux

Warm wishes · burning uprising · inside fire
I wish you a cosy, enlighting, bruning happy new year !
Thanks for being there.


Toro La Cou

Affiche Toro La Cou Bassedef A3

Very happy to have drawn Toro La Cou's poster, Pierre Michel Jean's new documentary film about Rara de Léogâne. Selected at the FIFAC, you will be able to watch it online from October 6th to 10th on the festival's website.

Illustration affiche film graphisme

Open Studio

Affiche Ao 2020

With my co-worker Camille Drai, set designer, I open my studio in Strasbourg at the 1 rue du Rempart. On October week-ends 3th-4th & 10th-11th, from 2pm to 7pm, taking part to Ateliers Ouverts, an event organised by Accélérateur de Particules. More details and the list of participating artists from all Elsass & Basel to be found on their website.

With pleasure to meet you there!

Expo ateliers ouverts Strasbourg

Exhibition Revue Rita #000

Img 6343
Img 6490
Img 6489

My powerful women portraits in Revue Rita's new issue !
Hanging at Huberty & Breyne gallery, 36 avenue Matignon, 75008 Paris.
Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday, 11am to 7pm, until October 10th.

Together with Edmond Baudouin, Benjamin Bozonnet, Olivier Bramanti, Pascal
Corseaux, Laurent Gaudard, David Gelot, Jean-Paul Krassinsky, Élodie
Nouhen, Jeff Pourquié, Alaïs Raslain, Laurent Renz-Bailly, Marie-Céline Rey, Stéphane Soularue.

Issue cover art by Laureline Mattiussi x Jeff Pourquié remix.

Thanks to the whole crew !

Expo collectif revue ritacomics paris

Podcast Stimultania

Img 5656

For the Strasbourg-based photography center Stimultania I just answered Bruna Gaertner's questions.

Covid-19, souvenirs et horizons d'artistes, a series (in French) about artists' work and feelings during the corona crisis. I am telling about this picture taken on July, 4th 2020. Enjoy the listening !

Photographie Stimultania podcast

Into the pines

Img E4890

Illustrated birth announcement for a quarantine baby.
Thanks to Maylis' parents for their trust !

Illustration naissance commande

Dekonstruieren — Exhibition at the GEDOK, Stuttgart

Img 2597
Img 2596

Glimps of my solo exhibition from 10.10.19 to 10.31.19 at GEDOK, restitution of residency back there in october to december 2018, made possible through the Crossed residencies program between Strasbourg and Stuttgart.

With my current comics and illustration work on Haiti, illustrations for the game Dimoa, drawings for the Instagram feed @strongalldaywomen, originals and prints from Rethinking Disabillity, a webcomic on disability published by ERC Comics and made together with Monika Baár and her team (University of Leiden, NL).

Special guest: Joe Michaels, composer and sound artist, with her video and sound piece Listen more.

Thanks to Christiane von Seebach & Clara Neumann !

Expo GEDOK Stuttgart Illustration BD Haïti son

Illustrations for DIMOA

Cartes Australie

I am very glad being given the opportunity to illustrate some cards for Sidonie Milon's game to learn french as a foreign language, DIMOA !

Winner of the Bourse Déclics Jeunes Fondation de France and supported by Emmaüs Solidarité, it will be soon available for preorders ( follow here ).

Other illustrations on the cards were made by Sophie Guillemin, Robin Perceval, Stéphanie Ong and Suzy Vergez.

Illustration jeu dimoa

Livresque badge

Badge Livresque Photo Cv
Photo © Central Vapeur

A summer badge for Livresque series edited by Strasbourg illustrators' association Central Vapeur !
Catch them all ! It's there.

Illustration badge goodies

Rethinking Disability

Let Chap2P1 C3

Since January I have been writing and drawing a webcomic on the perception of disability together with the research team Rethinking Disability, led by Monika Baár, History Professor and researcher at University of Leiden (NL). Initiated by ERC Comics, a platform which aims to communicate about various scientific projects through comics.

Thanks to all the people who make possible this fascinating adventure !

Follow the next episodes all summer long on ERC Comics' website and on social media.

BD Illustration reportage graphique europe

Strong Allday Women

Capture D’Écran 2018 11 21 À 16 15 28

New on-going project on Instagram: a gallery of strong women portraits.
Follow @strongalldaywomen !

Illustration presse portrait

Workshop Riso

Capture D’Écran 2018 11 21 À 16 29 40

Glimpses of a workshop I followed last march at the École Supérieure d'Art d'Épinal, led by Gargarismes and La Nef des Fous.
One week to learn how to run the risograph machine and to experiment its possibilities through a small common edition project. Thanks to all the great fellow participants !

riso print édition graphisme atelier

Mural for ANTS

20181008 181046
Wall painting made for the newly opened adapted sport room by ANTS association (Advanced Neurorehabilitation Therapies & Sports) on ENS de Lyon site. Researcher Vance Bergeron's team at Laboratoire de Physique is studying the possibilities of letting tetraplegic people do sport through electro-stimulation.

More details and pics on my portfolio.

mural fresque ANTS ENS Lyon Illustration

Geo Ado - Haïti

20180801 102926

Unleashing haitian street bands in last french teens' magazine Geo Ado's issue (August 2018) ! There is inside an illustrated travelbook I made indeed. Available from now on and until the end of August by your newspaper dealer. Glimpse in my portfolio !

Haïti Geo Ado Illustration BD voyage

Stuttgart at fall

Resi Stutt

Very happy to be selected for an artistic residency in Stuttgart for Fall 2018 !
It is part of the "Crossed residencies" programm from City of Strassburg/Eurometropole.
To be continued on my facebook & instagram pages !

Stuttgart residence Illustration

News + Instagram

Atelier Frac

Some news !

• I led a workshop last saturday at the Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain in Sélestat for the 2018' Contemporary Art Week-end. Children and parents were invited to draw together to compose a travel book in the exhibition. Thanks to the participants and to the FRAC team !

• Communication leaflet for the Labphys / ENS de Lyon I illustrated just got released. More info and a glimpse of what's inside here.

• You can now follow my work and pics on my Instagram page.

Salon Central Vapeur is opening this week-end in Strasbourg in the Salle de la Bourse. I will be there with La Tribune du Jelly Rodger's team and from time to time to welcome you at the bar. Come and meet us ! More info on the festival's website.

atelier central vapeur festival instagram communication Illustration La Tribune du Jelly Rodger ENS Lyon FRAC

Facebook page

Facebook Page

You can now follow my work and news on my dedicated facebook page. Please like and share !


At a lab in Lyon

End of 2017 I drew a graphic report at Laboratoire de Physique at ENS de Lyon. The lab' staff opened for me the doors from experimental rooms, class- and lecture rooms, offices, cafeteria and technical workshops. Researchers both junior and senior, managers, engineers, phD students played the game of vulgarizating their work here for me. Thanks to them all ! It was full of amazing meetings. More pictures in my portfolio here.

Illustration reportage graphique ENS Lyon

The last Jelly

25353596 937906356361977 3981288001426788847 N
Capture D’Écran 2017 12 18 À 13 28 17
Capture D’Écran 2017 12 18 À 13 28 34
Capture D’Écran 2017 12 18 À 13 28 46

Wow ! Last but nos least 10th issue of La Tribune du Jelly Rodger is out now in bookstores, on the world wide web and under your Christmas Tree if you are lucky enough to order before tomorrow !
We gave all what we got, especially our last neurons in a very silly comics drawn with Aurélien Cantou. Stock bunch of paper with awesome pics and texts inside and with a cover made by Adrien Parlange.

Thanks to Éloïse Rey and Seream for this great journey !

Enjoy !!

La Tribune du Jelly Rodger édition BD


Ep Houches Cp

My sketch on Houches School of Physics ' website (and on postcards) !


L'oubli pour mensonge / Pierre Michel Jean


Haitian photojournalist Pierre Michel Jean (Kolektif 2D) trusted me on the graphic design for his documentary work about "Perejil" slaughter. More pics and informations in my portfolio here !

graphisme édition

The climate summercamp - XXI

Houches Web

An other monday sketch for revue XXI's website. Mountains and true physicians chunks inside. Over there !

croquis Illustration XXI

Sketches at journalism festival in Autun


At Rendez-vous de Juillet in Autun (journalism festival organized by Revue XXI and Revue 6mois).

croquis Illustration

Monday sketch - Graduated

Tns Broc

Monday sketch for the Revue XXI's website, it's there !

Illustration presse XXI

Jelly 9 + Tarot

Chanteur Impr

 La Tribune du Jelly Rodger 9th issue is out since a little while. Don't miss the occasion to take it with you in your holiday trip !
La Tribune gives you the opportunity to buy in advance its splendid Tarot

Coudpiéocculte Divagatoire, illustrated by a bunch of talented artists and nicely screenprinted by Matière Grasse Éditions.
Follow this way !

La Tribune du Jelly Rodger collectif Illustration édition

Une envie de Pisé

Dsc 4478

Last April I animated some photography workshops in Montcarra's school with children for ten days, together with photography pole Stimultania.
More informations and excerpts from the book I made from their pics here.

atelier Stimultania Photographie édition graphisme

Domino fever - XXI


One of my Haïti sketches on revue XXI's website, for the Dessin du Lundi section.
It's Domino Fever !

croquis Haïti XXI

Comics workshop at the Centre d'Art


There you can catch up to see what we were up to in a comics workshop at the Centre d'Art in Port-au-Prince. Non-fiction comics zines produced by the students are being reprinted ! Launching exhibition was presented with big drawings glued on walls.

atelier Expo Haïti BD croquis

Expo Kilomètres / Gros Gris #3

Gros Gris Kilomètres
Gros Gris Hélène Bléhaut Oussama Tabti
Gros Gris William Drummond Lorine Boudinet

Revue Gros Gris just launched its 3rd issue Postcard at the Kilomètres exhibition in Strasbourg (galerie No Smoking, from March 23rd to April 1st 2017). I was pleased to show there one of my pictures from the nepali portraits, published in the revue. There were also works from 

Hicham Amrani, Lorine Boudinet, Claire Boullé, Margot Canizzo, William
Drummond, Gaëtan Koch, Oussama Tabti, Arthur Vanhoey, Adèle Verlinden. Gros Gris revue is available in bookshops in Strasbourg (librairie Quai des Brumes, Musée d'Art Moderne...) and if you ask at revue.grosgris (at) gmail.com.
Photos © équipe de Gros Gris

Photographie Expo collectif

A good reason to jump out of bed

Photocopied 36p fanzine — where you consider the subtle hidden ribaldries in the furniture catalogues.


"An eye-opener"

Cover silkscreen-printed by Ivan Bléhaut at the Bel Ordinaire (thanks!).
Thanks to Olivier Beiger and Bernard Bleny.

Ubr Couv
Massicot Ubr
édition sérigraphie

Allô Ayiti — the website

Allô Ayiti becomes a real website (in french) ! Working with Titouan Mathis as a webdesigner and developer.


Following haitian musicians whom I met since november 2013 you can fix up some violins, rehearse with music school's big band in Jacmel or follow the bandapye in the streets of Port-au-Prince.

With his interactive and multimedia content the website allows you to discover this rich but quite unknown part of haitian culture. Links to music, videos, radio programs or even books are hidden through the pages... Enjoy !

And there is a facebook page:

Capture D’Écran 2016 10 18 À 17 03 20
Capture D’Écran 2016 10 18 À 17 06 13
Capture D’Écran 2016 10 18 À 17 04 37
Capture D’Écran 2016 10 18 À 17 05 30
Photographie Illustration BD Haïti

Couthures - XXI n°36

One of my Couthures' sketches is in the 36th issue of revue XXI — now available in bookshops.

Couthures Xxi 36
Illustration presse

Kairos - Catch 'em all !

Poke Crsentier

A cartoon about urgency state in last Kairos' issue.

The dog, the cops and the journalist

Couthures Raid

One of my sketches from the journalism festival of Couthures is online on Revue XXI's website, in the Dessin du Lundi (in french) !
The dog, the cops and the journalist

croquis Illustration XXI presse

Farewell 42

Dsc 5823
Dsc 6076
Dsc 6179

Some pics at the graduation ceremony for the leaving group n°42 at the Strasbourg National Theater School. 
Evening theme : wild night...



Gated Communities Nb
Dsc 8643

Illustration for a paper on gated communities millionaire's bunkers, in Kairos n°25 (picture cover : Amina Bouajila).

presse Illustration

Meteo french

It's raining big chunks of ice in Alsace but everything's all right and not much snow in Meteo-France's annual report leaflet.
I had the pleasure to do some sketches to illustrate it !

> Météo

Illustration croquis


Babil au bord des villes is a play directed by Mathilde Delahaye after Charles Pennequin's writing. Starring Félicien Graugnard, Léa Gadbois-Lamer, Quentin Maudet.

I made a folder for the show that played from May 3rd to 13th at different places in Alsace. Pictures here at the old lime factory in Dahlenheim, May 5th 2016.

Dsc 9246
Capture D’Écran 2016 05 25 À 00 24 46
Folder face A
Babil Autre Piste
Refused version (face A and B)
Dsc 9259
Dsc 9293
Dsc 9279

Nouvelle Flibuste / Follow Jah

croquis Illustration


Follow Jah Europa Tour

Follow Jah Prog

Je pars suivre la bande à pied haïtienne Follow-Jah-de-Pétion-ville sur quelques dates de leur tournée en France et en Belgique.
La suite de l'aventure à retrouver bientôt sur http://alloayiti.tumblr.com !

Jelly Rodger #7

Jelly7 2

La Tribune du Jelly Roger #7 is out !
The Chronique Neurotonique which I have drawn after Barbara Mahwin's text is back. Drug, how does it work ?
I was honoured to draw also a tarot card in the central poster of this issue.

Cover picture: Justin Boillon

Order at www.latribunedujellyrodger.com !

Faces + ocean

Illustration croquis



Lena Dunham on photoshoping issues



Saturday, January 30th, Strasbourg. Demonstration against urgency state and nationality loss bill quickly interrupted by the weather.



One of my nepali pics appears in Epic-Stories' selection for January, Thursday 21st !
This way > http://epic-stories.com/la-selection-du-jeudi-32/

Other pics are now to be seen at the Photographie section of my website.

Nuit sauvage at last !


Contrebande crew based in Strasbourg publishes first issue of their magazine Gros Gris, a big baby with 124 pages in colours — theme "Wild night". I show in there a photo story about the carnival in Haïti in 2015 !
Where to find it ? Write an e-mail to revue.grosgris@gmail.com .
In Paris: bookshop "Le Monte-en-l'air', 2 rue de la Mare, 75020.
In Strasbourg soon: Museum of moder art's bookshop, Kléber bookshop, Quai des Brumes bookshop.

DSC 5997
DSC 5981
Magazine opening party in Strasbourg, November 7th. Show by Luna Moka.
collectif Gros Gris Photographie Haïti

Jelly 6


La Tribune du Jelly Rodger launches its 6th issue !
I've drawned a comics page together with Barbara Mawhin, neuro-science specialist. We're explaining all about brain in this.

Where to find Jelly in november:

— November 13th,14th,15th at festival BD Colomiers near Toulouse
— November 21st, 22nd at l'Autre Salon in Colmar

And for 1€ per month, subscribe !

Cover by Amina Bouajila
jelly6 7srgb
La Tribune du Jelly Rodger collectif BD

Apaj-Libé online


You can read now my whole "Chroniques haïtiennes" on Liberation's website or in my portfolio. Pwòfite !

BD Haïti voyage concours Libé Illustration

Nepali sketches II

Buddha Subba, restaurant de momo, Jawalakhel
Katmandu Café, Baisepati
La teinture.
croquis Nepal voyage

Grand Bivouac festival


My haitian chronicles were selected amongst the Libération contest finalists ! I'm very happy.
You can see my work on Libération corner at Grand Bivouac festival in Albertville, from October 16th to October 18th. I will be there with talented Loup Blaster. Come and say hey !

Illustration Haïti concours Libé voyage

Bandapye tryouts